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Facts and thoughts on the feeling of space, 2019

Performance silencieuse. Reflexion sur ce qui créé l'espace.

Enquête sur la réappropriation des espaces quotidiens.


" WHAT I PLANNED I wanted to start an honest investigation of places I already know and thought I disliked. A humble questioning of my own perceptions, their evolution in time. I asked people around me what were there favorite spots and why : I had a list of places to go to. The first place was Haags Bos.

WHAT HAPPENED I started collecting stories. It was all about the intention. Now more grid. Just collecting. No linear link between past. present. futur. Everything became blurry. One thing became clear : a space is about stories. That you lived, dreamed, heard, invented, forgot ?.

WHAT NOW Pure architectural space means nothing without taking into account the empty space, the void, framed by the shape. The one filled with memories, senses and desires."


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